Congratulations to all the members below for coming up with winning entries.
Look for these track names in the multiplayer races and challenges when TDU2's released!

Track Name

Member Name

A suspension's nightmarelayneruley
Addicted to speedJonathan.D.L.
Adrenaline laneJDrive
Airport Sprintbulelt50000
As Sharp As A PinReina
Atari Fast Track Race WayILOVETDU2
Baca Bend TwisterBattlehead
Bayside beach runhitbychance
Big time rushradiifreak
Blacktop's RevengeUnitedmoviemakers
Blammo Slammo Drive-o Fasto!mnorris
Burnt rubber and bikini'sBenjaminTaber
Circuit De IbizaBadBoyCruiser
Crystal Coursekonvict7
Dirt kingDiRT_KiNG
Dirt 'n asphaltDestroyer-GT
Eccentric SpeedPATR34
Epicous Dramaticous Raceousandrewbutcher
Exotics wreckersur6e
Faster than very fast!JShow
Faster...than a speeding ticketmotoflashTRD
From bad to worseRozo95
Grip or driftmickeil.keil
Hawai spin trackADR
High Speed StreetMatuda
Infamous roundaboutps3tdu122
Just full the throttle !mckaradag
Legendary passageParano1d
Leona & SelenaDriedMoss
Mind the TreesRyzza5
Mossetto runDriedMoss
Ocean side drivePinCruZer
Ocean viewUnlawfull_Entry
Octane LaneMKSilverSax
Pass of the dragonOrachi
Pathway to the skiesPrimoz
Phantom racewaycittris
Pit of speedx3lk-murd3r3r
Racing is believingTroik
Road of the true and the braveDcM17
Roaming the roadsnate95
Rock'n Roadjpbelentani
Rubber ridderhdwflex
Scenic freedomstrobeNlights
Seasons of speedfoxtrot_two_two_four
Shawngamer's runshawngamer
Shore drivetcr22
Slow birds will eat dustTehDust
Soft tourgrand114
Spanish SpeednPulse
Speed Huntingmohammad-viper
Speed is your salvationDestroyer-GT
Summer SpeedCSP375
Sunshine RibbonJaytr08
Test drive to feel aliveEccentricToast
The devil's ringdiablochickin
The hellish cirqueNiuch44
The idea is to go fastShawtyGotRice
The Kitten RunKime_Kitten
Thru the eclipseBoom420headshoT
Tropical trekgmqpistolpete
Tucker's passthesafetyguy
Turntable Trackdakota.clabaugh
Twisted as snail shellReniu
Untamed horsepowerredline1
Wandering windsMaseratiGS-R
When speed is not too toughdanielstraub
You can't handle this routev8vantagedbs
You want speed, you say?obi136

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